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EDIH4Marche was born from the desire to strengthen the collaborations and synergies created at a territorial level, with a look at relations at a European and international level, and aims to become the reference point of the economic and productive sector of the Marche region for the Digital and Green Transformation. EDIH4Marche wants to network the whole regional ecosystem and create value and impact on the territory, without excluding any company. EDIH4Marche is made up of 11 Partners, each of which has a strong expertise and represents a key stakeholder for the improving of Digital and Green Transformation: 2 Technological Universities, 2 Competence Centers, the technology transfer laboratory ILABS, all the DIHs of the Marche region and the Chambre of Commerce of the Marche region. EDIH4Marche is specialised in AI and CS technologies, with a focus on Industry4.0 and Sustainable Economy. Its targets are SMEs and small mid-caps located in the NUT2 Marche region, operating in the following sectors: 1) Manufacturing, 2) Agri-food, 3) Tourism, 4) Trade, 5) Business, People and Communities Services.

Il progetto EDIH4Marche è finanziato dall'Unione Europea - NextGenerationEU relativo alla Missione 4 "Istruzione e Ricerca", Componentew 2 "Dalla ricerca all'impresa" - MISURA M4C2 I2.3 PNRR - DM 10 MARZO 2023 



Digital Innovation Hub Marche - Confindustria, Italy, Coordinatore
EDI.Marche - Confcommercio, Italy, Partner
Marche Digital Innovation - Legacoop, Italy, Partner
Camera di Commercio della regione Marche, Italy, Partner
Università Politecnica delle Marche - UNIVPM, Italy, Partner
ARTES4.0, Italy, Partner
MADE, Italy, Partner
iLabs, Italy, Partner
EDI - Confcommercio, Italy, Partner
Marche Innovation Hub - CNA, Italy, Partner
Digital Innovation Hub - Confartigianato, Italy, Partner
Programma DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01 Bando DIGITAL-AG
Unione Europea
€ 3.510.242,00
€ 297.139