Low-rise buildings are used for industrial and commercial activities. Most of these buildings are built by prefabricated-concrete elements characterised by low efficiency of connections and a lower ductility performance when subjected to earthquake loading. The proposal aim was defining prefabricated steel solutions for single-storey and low-rise buildings in earthquake-prone areas for industrial and commercial activities. The selection of structural solutions is performed via statistical analyses in different European countries about solutions requested by the market. Industrial and commercial solutions are optimised in terms of structural performance and of construction costs and two of those (technologically advance and high-performing) are experimentally tested. The solution selected for commercial activities is a dissipative device working in series with prefabricated RC-Wall and pendulum steel-structure. The solution selected for industrial activities is a warehousing system using cold-formed profiles acting compositely with ribbed steel sheeting as girder web. Automated integrated design software with cost-effectiveness analysis module is realised to favour the use of proposed solutions into practice. Solutions proposed by the software are optimised to meet three ‘criteria’: (1) Prefabrication — structural members and connection types selected in order to reduce on-site operations; (2) Pre-designed — structural solutions pre-designed and inserted in a database correlating member/structure with its maximum structural performance; structural configuration for industrial/commercial buildings are assembled according to the design inputs; (3) Standardised — members and structural systems have static schemes suitable for defining simplified designing procedures (transformed in technical tables — Precasteel Software): database (catalogue) of solutions/members may be enlarged enclosing more recent developments.


Coordinator:   ILVA S.P.A. ITALIA

Start Date/Data inizio: 1st January, 2007 – Data fine / End Date: 31st December, 2010

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Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS)
Unione Europea
Prof. Andrea Dall'Asta