Dynamics and timescales of volcanic plumbing systems: a multidisciplinary approach to a multifaceted problem

Crystals in volcanic rocks preserve information about the processes that occurred in the plumbing system and during the transfer of magma to the Earth’s surface and are fundamental messengers carrying key information on the timescales of eruptive processes. In the last years, we have seen an extraordinary advancement in the development of new and progressively more sophisticated analytical and experimental equipment.

Mathematical Logic: models, sets, computability

Contemporary research in mathematical logic shows increasing interactions between Model Theory (MT), Set Theory (ST), and Computability Theory (CT), guided by inner developments which progressively found applications to larger and larger areas of mathematics. Problems originating from MT lead naturally to ST and CT questions, while the forcing method, originally developed within ST, and the tecniques of descriptive set theory find applications in MT and CT. Our project is inserted in this general setting.

Engineering coherent transport of atoms and electrons in layered structures

The central goal of this project is to identify the mechanisms behind decoherence of quasiparticle transport in layered materials and to devise successful strategies for preserving and harnessing quantum many-body correlations in real devices. We will establish a collaborative effort involving two of the most prominent platforms for quantum transport: ultracold quantum gases in optical lattices and transition-metal oxide heterostructures.

Coarse-grained description for non-equilibrium systems and transport phenomena

In the last decades, statistical mechanics pushed its frontiers to encompass systems which fall outside the standard equilibrium framework. Paradigmatic examples are non-equilibrium systems such as granular and active matter for which, either due to dissipative interactions or as a consequence of "self-driven motility", even basic thermodynamic quantities, such as temperature and pressure, are not well defined. Systems with long-range interactions, like gravitational or Coulomb ones, are another example where the standard equilibrium picture is not appropriate.

Methods and Tools for Trustworthy Smart Systems

The goal of the project is the development and the experimentation of a novel methodology for the specification, implementation and validation of trustworthy smart systems based on formal methods. We envisage system development in three steps by first providing and analysing system models to find design errors, then moving from models to executable code by translation into domain-specific programming languages and, finally, monitoring runtime execution to detect anomalous behaviours and to support systems in taking context-dependent decisions autonomously.

Methane recovery and carbon dioxide disposal in natural gas hydrate reservoirs

Clathrate hydrates are crystalline structures where water molecule cages host gas molecules. Natural deposits of methane hydrates are mainly found at the margins of the continental platforms, where the formation is favored by the presence of organic material and the appropriate pressure and temperature conditions. Natural gas hydrates (NGH) constitute the largest reservoir of natural gas on the planet.