The ECOSEE/A project started on 14/05/2014; the first important step has been the activity for the conversion of the fishing vessel. This phase lasted 45 days, followed by the official test of the vessel and its new equipments, according to the Italian law (test done in 15 days). In parallel, the crew has attended the training courses organized by the University of Camerino and the University of Teramo for a total of 80 hours on different subjects related to marine protected areas, ecosystem monitoring, tourism management and blue growth. The practical activity of the new converted vessel, according to the plan organized by the partnership, started during July 2014 in the Conero Park, followed by the Torre del Cerrano MPA in August and Isole Tremiti MPA in September. Tourism activities, diving facilitation, awareness raising actions, public and technical events has been developed together with scientific monitoring activities of the biotic and abiotic components of the sea. On November 25th, 26th, 27th, the FLAG Marche sud and some project partners, joined the MedPAN (Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Network) workshop to present the ECOSEE/A project, its objectives and results already obtained. The audience was represented by managers and stakeholders of Mediterranean MPAs. After the authorization from the DG Mare for a project extension, the scientific partners organized a new season of monitoring activities (spring-summer 2015) in order to replicate the sampling of the previous year along the three protected areas and in the territory of the GAC Marche sud where a new marine SCI is under establishment. At the same time, the project extension allowed the protected areas to organize a new awareness raising campaign.

Coordinator: Municipality of of San Benedetto del Tronto (leader of the FLAG Marche sud)

Start Date: 14/5/2014

End Date: 01/10/2015 (according to the project extension)



MPA Torre del Cerrano, Italia
Conero Regional Park, Italia
MPA Isole Tremiti, Italia
Gargano National Park, Italia
University of Teramo, Italia
National Research Council-Institute for marine sciences
Soc. Coop. Blu Marine Service
Guardian of the Sea - Mare/2013/09
Unione Europea
Prof. Francesco A. Palermo