Open science technologies Acceleration for a new generation of Student entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainable development

OASIS is an initiative of 4xHEIs, 1xResearch Center, 1xpan-EU Network of Institutions and
2xEnterprises. It aims to develop and share support capabilities in the area of OPEN SCIENCE (OS)
driving EU􀂶s digital transformation and sustainable development. The project is about facilitating the
adoption of OS technologies in education through practical applications, training and mentoring
activities for managing real educational & labour oriented problems with a view to increase openness

Unlocking the potential of microalgae for the valorisation of brewery waste products into omega-3 rich animal feed and fertilisers

As one the largest agri-food industries, beer production generates large amounts of nutrient-rich wastewater and spent grain. The conventional linear 3collect-treat-discharge ́way of handling waste is costly and environmentally unsustainable. AlgaeBrew will use microalgal biotechnology to convert these wastes into useful products, thereby creating new revenue streams for breweries, decreasing their environmental impacts and promoting a circular bioeconomy.


The aging process is associated with a decline in the function of our senses (Age Related Sensory Decline or ARSD). Sensory deficits may explain why elderly people report poorer quality of life and challenges in interacting with the environment and other people. Little is known regarding genetics and environmental/lifestyle risk factors for ARSD.