The central goal of this project is to identify the mechanisms behind decoherence of quasiparticle transport in layered materials and to devise successful strategies for preserving and harnessing quantum many-body correlations in real devices. We will establish a collaborative effort involving two of the most prominent platforms for quantum transport: ultracold quantum gases in optical lattices and transition-metal oxide heterostructures. Whereas such systems share the possibility of being synthetically engineered, they present profoundly different and complementary advantages. Heterostructures hold the greatest promise for technological implementations, while featuring the typical intricacy of solid state. Ultracold gases instead enable the direct implementation of simple, paradigmatic models. A focused joint program, based on cutting-edge theoretical and experimental tools, will define a common ground for exploring quantum transport of quasiparticles in layered systems, disentangling the role of interactions, disorder and external baths in decoherence. The successful realization of this project will pave the way to control quantum-coherent pathways at ambient temperature, bootstrapping novel quantum technologies, from quantum computing to nano-electronics and photovoltaics

PRIN 2017
€ 122.975,00