The project aims to fill the gap in educational opportunities and connections among students living in remote islands of the Mediterranean Sea, by 1) providing inspiration, 2) Raising aspiration 3) Giving Island youth a voice.
To achieve these objectives, the members will conduct reaserch activities of diverse disciplines (marine biology, botany, archeology, geology) together with local students, applying a citizen science approach. One of these activities, that will be conducted by the UNICAM research unit, aims to assess the level of impact of beach tourism on Lampedusa Island, by quantifying UV filters accumulated in underwater sediment and bioaccumulated in the tissues of sedentary species of commercial interest. 
Another action that Unicam will supervise, is the quantification of microplastics deposition along Lampedusa beaches and the seabed in front of the same litoral traits.

Unico beneficiario
National Geographic Society
€ 150.000,00