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Meet Giulia Malaguarnera, the dynamic Outreach and Engagement Officer at OpenAIRE. With a deep commitment to enhancing scholarly communication, Giulia brings her deep knowledge in open science, including open data and open access initiatives. 
Her wide experience covers academia, industry, and policy-making. Giulia, a Neuropharmacology PhD holder from the University of Catania, has contributed to University College London and the French startup scene under the MSCA-IF program. Her dedication to the research community arise from her roles with Eurodoc and the Marie Curie Alumni Association, focusing on policies that support researchers’ interests.

DAY 1: The Researcher's Dilemma: When to Open Up and When to Hold Back in the Digital Age

The digital era has magnified the significance of open science, public engagement, and industry collaboration in research evaluation. Yet, researchers grapple with the decision to publicly share their work, maintain confidentiality, or impose embargoes.

Giulia Malaguarnera will delve into these issues, drawing from her rich experience in open science, academia, and policy gainet at OpenAIRE, University of Catania, University College London, and the French entrepreneurial sector. She will equip researchers with practical tools and insights to adeptly manage the intricacies of research dissemination, striking a harmonious balance between transparency and intellectual property rights.

Attend this session to learn strategies that enhance the impact of research and encourage innovation and cooperation within the scientific community!

Date and time: May 6, 2024, at 2 pm (duration 1 hour).


DAY 2: Navigating the Depths of OpenAIRE Resources: A Treasure Hunt

Dive into the world of OpenAIRE Explore with a captivating treasure hunt that takes you through the labyrinth of academic communication. Discover the hidden gems in publications, datasets, and software during this 1-hour session. Experience the excitement of uncovering research treasures and learn to not only locate these assets but also grasp the importance of associating your work with ORCID identifiers. This hands-on workshop will refine your skills in maneuvering through OpenAIRE’s extensive resources, enabling you to effectively showcase your work and forge connections within the academic sphere.

Attend this workshop and revolutionize your research discovery methods, making each search a step towards enhancing your academic profile.

Date and time: May 7, 2024, at 2 pm (duration 1 hour).

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