Unlocking the potential of microalgae for the valorisation of brewery waste products into omega-3 rich animal feed and fertilisers

As one the largest agri-food industries, beer production generates large amounts of nutrient-rich wastewater and spent grain. The conventional linear 3collect-treat-discharge ́way of handling waste is costly and environmentally unsustainable. AlgaeBrew will use microalgal biotechnology to convert these wastes into useful products, thereby creating new revenue streams for breweries, decreasing their environmental impacts and promoting a circular bioeconomy.

Circular economy application: from the field to the net. Sustainable and innovative feeds from agricultural wastes for a resilient and high-quality aquaculture

The AgrI-fiSh project proposes the adoption of an innovative farming system, which directly links agriculture with aquaculture productions through circular economy principles, to respond to the environmental and socio-economic challenges face to climate change in the Mediterranean region.

Nanomaterials for an environmentally friendly and sustainable handling of perishable products

Most part of fresh products in UE is produced in the Mediterranean countries. This project addresses a critical point in the agri-food chain: the storability and transportation conditions of climacteric products, where postharvest ripening occurs evolving gases, mainly ethylene (and others Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs) that work as natural ripening hormones leading to quality poor and losses by a faster and non-controlled aging.