The concept of “urban health” and the role of urban design in the quality promotion of the cities’ living spaces has been present in the international debate for some decades, but only since the publication of the “New Urban Agenda” (WHO 2016), health has been defined as “one of the most effective markers of any city’s sustainable development”. These aspects are beginning to be highly debated on a scientific level, but have not yet been introduced into university education. Moreover, the pandemic emergency we are experiencing imposes even more compelling reflection on the relationship between health and the city, and on the role of university research and education to understand what the city of the future will be like.

Within this framework, Cli-CC.HE wants to promote an educational methodology and tools to deal with the effects of climate change on urban health and equity in teaching urban regeneration in European cities. Thanks to this project, EU universities and public administrations can train future experts able to plan interventions to limit climate change effects on health and equity in urban contexts.


Consiglio nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Italy, Partner
Univerzitet U Beogradu, Serbia, Partner
Instituto universitario de Lisboa (ISCTE) , Portugal, Partner
The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus, Partner
Cli- CC.HE
Erasmus+ Call 2021_KA220_HED
Unione Europea