Given that an economy based on fossil energy is no longer competitive, it is of primary importance to make a transition to an energy system based on renewable sources. That implies a rethinking of the energy market, with its transformation from a centralized system, with few and massive production plants, large companies and monopolies in the distribution network, to an open system with a myriad of production units where the consumer is transformed first into an active consumer, who consumes self-produced energy, and then evolves into a prosumer, that is a consumer who becomes a producer of energy, active on the new market.
The ECPE aims to increase the energy market consumer’s knowledge and awareness about the benefits of the evolution in active consumers and then in prosumers, collect information on the energy market in many European and non-European countries analyse the rights and the greatest difficulties encountered by consumers within these markets, in order to propose recommendations and good practices in the use of renewable energy and new technologies, as well as to develop new contractual models that facilitate the development of an active energy citizenship.
Main activities
- construction of an internet site,
- preparation of questionnaires and informative videos for citizens
- meeting various consumer subjects (two condominiums, one municipality, one primary school, one company).
Main beneficiaries
- Citizens, enterprises, local authorities
Expected results
- Offering a full information for energy customers, housolders, municipalities and companies to enhance the
creation of energy communities
- Creating materials useful to boost active energy citizenship
Main deliverables
Website, platform, videos, international meetings with professionals and stakeholder, working paper, articles,
leaflets, prosumer handbook

FAR 2019
€ 50.897