Finanziamenti Europei
Titolo Scadenza
Active Monitoring of Cancer As An Alternative To Surgery - CAST 31/10/2023
Advanced training on sustainable management of pastoral systems - TranSuMan 02/01/2024
Bringing Excellence to Transformative Socially Engaged Research in Life Sciences through Integrated Digital Centers - BETTER Life 30/09/2025
Climate change, cities, communities and Equity in health - Cli- CC.HE 02/01/2024
Complex Awareness Raising and Behaviour Change for the Mercury-Free City Environment - LIFE MERCURY-FREE 30/10/2025
E-training on EU Family Property regimes - EU-FamPro 31/10/2023
EDIH4Marche 01/11/2025
Enhancing Career and Service Learning in Higher Education - ENHANCE 30/11/2023
European Spectroscopy Laboratory to model the materials of the future - EUSpecLab 09/01/2026
Fine tune of cellular behavior: multifunctional materials for medical implants - Bio-TUNE 31/12/2024
From tradition to innovation: new foods and educational toolkits for a healthy and sustainable mediterranean lifestyle - Tool4MEDLife 31/08/2026
Growth mind-set through Resilient Intelligent Technologies - GRIT 30/10/2025
Imaging and Therapy of Chronic Pain in the Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG) - PIANO 28/02/2025
Innovative steel- concrete Hybrid Coupled walls for buildings in seismic areas: Advancements and Design guidelines - HYCAD 31/12/2023
Integrated MAnagement and Grant Investments for the N2000 - NEtwork in Umbria - LIFE IMAGINE UMBRIA 01/10/2027
LIFE + A_GreeNet: Life climate change adaptation - LIFE + A_GreeNet 30/09/2025
Life BEEadapt: a pact for pollinator adaptation to climate change - BEEadapt 31/08/2026
MULTI-faceted CLIMate adaptation ACTions to improve resilience, preparedness and responsiveness of the built environment against multiple hazards at multiple scales - MULTICLIMACT 31/03/2027
N u d g i n g 3 6 0 31/10/2025
NATURA AGRO 30/06/2028
new MOnitoring system to Detect the Effects of Reduced pollutants emissions resulting from NEC - LIFE MODERN (NEC) 30/09/2025
Novel Applications in 19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging - NOVA-MRI 31/01/2024
Open science technologies Acceleration for a new generation of Student entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainable development - OASIS 01/06/2024
P2X receptors as a therapeutic opportunity - PRESTO 31/05/2026
Proactive monitoring of cancer as an alternative to surgery - PRISAR2 31/03/2024
TENACITY 30/11/2023
Towards a sustainable Open Data ECOsystem - ODECO 30/09/2025