MAIN PROJECT OBJECTIVE(s): to fulfil the needs of DIRECTIVE (EU) 2016/2284 on the establishment of national emissions ceilings, to comply with the request for representativeness of sites and indicators as required by the NEC Directive, to properly define the most suitable indicators and the optimal number of sites, to full monitor adequate network together with freshwater and forests as reference, to raise Italian public awareness about pollution sources, to increase knowledge exchanges between EU Member States involved in NEC implementation.
UNICAM is in charge for/contributes to: assessing monitoring plant diversity, incl. evaluation, protocols, analyses, field test, innovation; annual\intra-annual (according to project coordination and data series); consulting and support to preparatory, core actions.


CUFA uff. studi - CCF, Italy, Coordinatore
CNR, Italy, Partner
CREA, Italy, Partner
UNIFI, Italy, Partner
ENEA, Italy, Partner
Legambiente, Italy, Partner
LIFE20 GIE/IT/000091
LIFE 2020 Call for proposals for LIFE ACTION GRANTS - Environmental Governance and Information
Unione Europea
3.414.809 euro
161.338,88 euro