We focus on volcanic solidification processes of silicate systems. We quantify vesicularity, texture and crystal-chemistry of minerals of key pyroclasts and lavas from well constrained eruptions of Etna and Stromboli. Phenocrysts (ph) and bubbles grown into reservoirs at constant P and T will be discriminated from micro-phenocrysts (mph) and microlites (mic) solidified during magma ascent (P varying) and after eruption (T varying). These rock textures will be then reproduced using static and dynamic high-T and -P experiments, for variable t (time), H2O and fO2 conditions. Ph indicative of Stromboli and Etna reservoirs will be grown at fixed T and P for long t. Magma ascent will be simulated with static and dynamic experiments, by crystallization of ph at constant T-P followed by decompression (dP/dt) to grow mph. Mic will be simulated by cooling at variable rates (dT/dt) run-products produced in previous experiments. Decompression and cooling experiments will be run for other bulk systems (sub-alkaline and alkaline series) to outline the intrinsic nucleation, crystal growth and vitrification behaviours of the most abundant volcanic rocks on Earth. Outcomes will be relevant for volcanology, glasses and glass-ceramics fabricated from cheap and widespread raw materials.

PRIN 2017
€ 183.663,00