The main objective of this project is to provide a deeper knowledge about aspects still scarcely investigated about cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) treatment of food products to fill the gaps identified in the literature, promoting the application of this emerging novel technology. Five different categories of food products (minimally process fruit and vegetables -MPFV, semidried fruit -SDF, dry fruit -DF, fish products -FP and molluscs -M) were chosen on the basis of their different characteristics and issues related to safety and stability. Plasma treatment will be carried out through an innovative prototype system, where the modulation of the atmospheric conditions can permit the qualitative and quantitative modification of the oxidative species produced. The project is divided in different WPs, each one dealing with a specific aspect, such as processing, safety, quality and nutritional issues, that will be investigated through the collaboration of the five RUs involved in different activities according to their specific expertise. The choice of different food categories and the multidisciplinary approach will allow to obtain a large amount of information that will contribute to widen the knowledge about the effect of CAP on foods.


PRIN 2017
€ 161.800,00